Botanical Bombs - Jozi Collection

The Sundowner Society

Turn any sundowner into a fundowner by adding your choice of Botanical Bombs to a shot or two of gin, vodka or rum. Top up with ice and 250ml ice cold tonic water, dry ginger or soda. Stir gently. Let the Botanical Bomb infuse for a couple of minutes. Sip, savour, sunsets, surrender.

Virgin cocktail anyone? Simply hold the alcohol and you’re sorted.

The Cape Town Collection includes 8 sachets, 4 of each flavour:


cinnamon, star anise, cloves, naartjie, lime & coffee beans

THE PARKS (floral)

pear, hibiscus, green cardamom, cucumber & pink peppercorns

Country of origin: South Africa

Collections: Botanical Bombs

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