Stirred Cocktail Making Kit

The Sundowner Society


So you’re ready to turn you lounge into a cocktail bar? Let the Sundowner Society guide you as you muddle, strain, stir & squeeze your way through life. Repeat after me: STIRRED NOT SHAKEN! Let’s start earning some bragging rights for your next party.

Each Stirred Cocktail Making Kit includes:

  1. Warai Weave Stirring Glass 25oz (725ml)
  2. Japanese Style Double Jigger 1½ / ¾ oz (25/50ml)
  3. Julep Spoon
  4. 30cm Teardrop Bar Spoon
  5. 2 Sundowner Society wood & resin coasters
  6. Stirred, Not Shaken Cocktail Recipe pocket booklet

All tools (unless otherwise specified) are made from stainless steel & are rust-proof & dishwasher safe

Collections: Bar Accessories

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